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Best 5 Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2022 | PC Gamer Build

Gaming Chair under $200 is the question of many gamers looking for a budget to buy a quality gaming chair. We used to be like you, also consulted many types of chairs and models to find the best product for ourselves.

We understand the impact of issues like back fatigue, sitting in the wrong position, and dizziness, which are the first and most common manifestations when sitting on a plastic chair and a cheap office chair in front of the computer for a long time. Furthermore, this is also why experiencing the game is becoming more complex and tiring than ever.

Therefore, choosing a suitable gaming chair is a great solution to help you to continue working or plow the game continuously. In this article, we will currently introduce the Best 5 Gaming Chairs under $200 in 2022. 

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How to Select the Best Gaming Chair?

Select products by price

The first thing in choosing a gaming chair that gamers care about first is probably the price. Currently, gaming chairs are very diverse and many models, so their prices are also high and cheap, depending on the needs and desires of the buyer. However, we will only cover the best chairs you can find in the price range of Gaming Chairs under $200.

Gaming Chair Material and color 

Material and color are also important in choosing a gaming chair. It makes your Gaming chair match with PC color and design. In terms of color, if you are a manly person or a person who likes simplicity.

You can choose chairs that do not have too many messy and aggressive patterns, such as only the logo and one primary color. Moreover, if you like to add something new, you can try mixing two colors, black and white or black and red, to create a modern look and avoid boredom.

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Style suitable for height and weight

Many people may not notice and care about the height and weight a gaming chair can withstand because each product has a different size designed specifically for each type of person. Depending on the size and maximum weight, the gaming chair product lines will be classified according to sizes S, M, and L.

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Gaming chair brand selection

Currently, gaming chairs are fast increasing, so there are many brands born with many diverse models. Most of the cheap and high-priced brands do not differ too much in gaming chair size, design, and color, but only in terms of durability and product material.

Therefore, we suggest choosing reputable brands to use and ensuring the product’s warranty and after-sales service.

Best 5 Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2022





Best Value

GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (DxWxH):                20.87 x 21.65 x 53.15

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    300 pounds

  • Item Weight:                            47.5 pounds

  • Material :                                PU Leather


Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (DxWxH):                28.5 x 28 x 51.5

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    275 pounds

  • Item Weight:                            46.5 pounds

  • Material :                                PU Leather

Best Budget

Darkecho Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (DxWxH):                27.5 x 27.5 x 55

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    330 pounds

  • Item Weight:                            45.8 pounds

  • Material:                                PU Leather

HEALGEN Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (DxWxH):                32 x 23 x 51.8

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    350 pounds

  • Item Weight:                            44.5 pounds

  • Material :                                PU Leather



Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (DxWxH):                33 x 25.9 x 55

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    300 pounds

  • Item Weight:                            53.9 pounds

  • Material :                                PU Leather

#1. GTRACING Gaming Chair

GTRACING - Gaming Chairs Under $200



  • High-quality materials

  • Parts that matter are metal

  • Feels secure to use

  • Stunning design

  • A bit pricey

GT RACING makes almost a perfect gaming chair under $200 with three functions in one that no other gaming chair has in this price range. GT RACING gaming chairs are designed with care and attention to every stitch of the surface and come in a range of luxurious colors to match any color scheme in your room. You can consider this gaming chair as the best product in the price range of Gaming Chairs under $200.

The original design with two Bluetooth speakers makes the chair smarter and more enjoyable than ever with relaxing music. Connecting is extremely simple through a phone or computer with Bluetooth.

GT RACING gaming chair with armrests and height-adjustable seats. The back can fully recline from 90 to 155 degrees and rotate 360 ​​degrees. The headrest and lumbar cushion are removable when you feel tired and need to rest for a long time sitting in front of a computer screen.

The key features of the GT RACING Gaming Chair are:
  • Two high-end Bluetooth speaker 4.0 
  • Adjustable height
  • Impressive design
  • Head support
  • Folding footrest
  • Ergonomic for maximum comfort

The outer leather of the chair has the best and newest PU leather. This material makes the seat breathable, providing a great place to rest during the hot summer while ensuring resistance to tearing and damage from liquids such as spilled drinks. Just wipe with a cloth.

Heavy-duty seat base and nylon castors provide excellent stability and mobility. It can bear loads up to 136kg (300lbs).

#2. RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 - Gaming Chairs Under $200



  • Both headrest and lumbar pillows

  • Retractable footrest

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Non-adjustable armrests

The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair is a model you can’t miss for under $200 with very high quality. Suitable for people who work and play games for a long time on computers, especially streamers and freelancers.

RESPAWN 110 gaming chairs owned with high-quality PU leather. Through research and development, R110 puts on soft, supple leather towards the best user experience when sitting. This leather layer also enhances the eye-catching appearance of the chair, creating a professional and luxurious style. 

It not only pleases the user visually but also gives a smooth and soft feeling when in contact with the leather seat cushion. A great experience from the gaming chairs under $200 brings. The chair can fully recline from 90 to 155 degrees, helping you rest quickly by pushing the lever on the side of the chair.

The key features of RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair are:

  • High-class back cushion massage
  • Green neon color in combination with black
  • Armrests
  • Head support
  • Folding footrest
  • Ergonomic for maximum comfort

The seat cushion padded with a high-density sponge is durable and not easily deformed. The chair’s 360-degree swivel nylon castors are stable and flexible, thus protecting your floor from friction with little noise.

The chair can hold loads up to 275lbs (125kg). RESPAWN 110 is worth the price and the experience this gaming chair can bring.

#3. Darkecho Gaming Chair

DARKECHO - Best 5 Gaming Chairs Under $200



  • Very good comfort

  • Ergonomic design

  • Folding footrest

  • High-quality materials

  • Adjustable massage lumbar support

  • A bit pricey compared to other chairs

When looking at Darkecho, we can see that this is a high-quality product with angular solid lines, and the back leather is woven in a checkered pattern. The chair is covered with high-quality quilted PU leather bringing luxury and comfort when sitting on the chair.

The USB-powered lumbar pillow has a massage function that can help massage the hips and lower back, which are easily vulnerable when sitting at the computer playing games, working after a long time, effectively reducing fatigue. 

The key features of the Darkecho Gaming Chair are:
  • High-quality quilted PU leather
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Adjustable head pillow and lumbar massage pillow
  • 360° Swivel & 90°-155° reclining
  • Armrests
  • Folding footrest

The chair is back from 90° to 155°, with a retractable footrest. The heavy base with a safety lock design to prevent overturning helps keep the chair stable. It makes you feel like you’re lying in bed. Darkecho’s chair can hold loads up to 330lbs (150kg). 

#4. HEALGEN Gaming Chair

HEALGEN - Gaming Chairs Under $200



  • Easy to assemble

  • Maximum Weight to 350 lbs

  • Quite affordable

  • High-quality materials

  • No real vibrational pattern for the lumbar support cushion

  • No head Pillow

Like the brand name Healgen, this chair is also equipped with a lumbar and hip massager to relax, and more specifically, the chair can recline 90 to 150 degrees to help the massage part reach the deepest part of the waist when we lie down to rest. The benefits it brings can help you avoid curvature of the spine, back pain, and back fatigue.

Healgen made his gaming chair of high-quality leather. The highly breathable fabric feels comfortable, does not absorb sweat, and is easy to clean with just a cleaning spray and a wipe.

The key features of the Healgen Gaming Chair are:

  • High-Quality materials & leather
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable experience
  • Massage lumbar pillow
  • 360° Swivel & 90°-150° reclining
  • Armrests
  • Folding footrest

The back of the chair has a vent hole to help your back not be blocked and hot compared to the seats with a completely closed back.

A manual height adjustment system makes it easy to adjust the height to suit your body, helping you comfortably play games and work without feeling uncomfortable about your sitting position. Furthermore, the Healgen chair can hold loads up to 350lbs (136kg). 

#5. IWMH Gaming Chair

IWMH - Gaming Chairs Under $200



  • Comfortable design

  • Foldable footrest

  • Premium materials

  • Folding footrest

  • Adjustble armrests

  • A little bigger for small people

If you are a freelancer or a gamer looking for a chair suitable for office and gaming, this product is for you. The manufacturer especially emphasizes that he has carefully adjusted the ergonomics of this chair for office workers and gamers.

This large and tall gaming chair has a headrest that makes leaning on the chair more comfortable and a lumbar pocket that corrects sitting and lying positions, providing comfortable and firm support for the neck and waist.

IWMH Gaming Chair is equipped with a foldable footrest, reclines 90 to 150 degrees, and is convenient, practical, and space-efficient when you are tired of working and studying.

The key features of the Healgen Gaming Chair are:
  • High-Quality materials & leather
  • Armrests
  • Folding footrest
  • The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Comfortable experience
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 360° Swivel & 90°-135° reclining

IWMH designed his gaming chair with high-quality PU leather and equipped it with a super frame that can withstand a large load, hardly shaking or calling noises by minor details. So you can safely use the chair with peace of mind. The chair can hold loads up to 300lbs (150kg). 


Best value

Best budget


Our preferences

 GTRACING Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

Darkecho Gaming Chair

 HEALGEN Gaming Chair


Gaming Chair

Dimension (DxWxH)

20.87 x 21.65 x 53.15

28.5 x 28 x 51.5

27.5 x 27.5 x 55

32 x 23 x 51.8

33 x 25.9 x 55

Maximum weight 






Item weight












Adjustable armrests

Retractable footrest

Massage lumbar

Head Pillow







Where to buy?


Summing up all gaming chairs under $200 or more, you can see the most comprehensive product that supports gaming and entertainment is the GT RACING Gaming Chair, with convenient Bluetooth speakers that are extremely easy to use via phone or computer, raising your enjoyment.

Besides, Darkecho and IWMH Gaming Chair are excellent choices in this price range and are only slightly cheaper. If you are overweight or want a sturdy chair for your lover to sit on your lap, choosing the HEALGEN Gaming Chair is the best choice.

Each of our recommended chairs has its advantages and disadvantages, but we are sure you will find the one according to your expectations after reading this text.

Gaming chair FAQ

Why does a gaming chair feature a footrest?

We were looking for gaming chairs, but we also think that for gamers, a leg rest is essential when sitting at the computer for long periods. The footrest will be handy when you want to take a break or sit back comfortably and rest in your chair. So the products we introduce above all have retractable footrests to optimize your experience.

How much weight does a gaming chair support?

Depending on the type of chair, there will be different weight support levels. But most current chairs have a minimum load capacity of 120kg (264lbs) or more.

How much does a gaming chair cost?

You can find decent chairs in quality and comfort for under $200. More expensive chairs bring better quality, materials, and features.

Does the gaming chair have a lumbar massage pillow?

Each type of chair will have a different outstanding function, as does the lumbar massage pillow. We have mentioned the products with and without in the comparison table inside this article.

Does the gaming chair have adjustable armrests?

All high-end seats under $200 have adjustable armrests, but there are a few exceptions.

Can a gaming chair be used as an office chair?

You can convert gaming chairs entirely into office chairs. Because the nature between office workers and gamers is the same, a gaming chair used for the office will bring many benefits. Every gaming chair has settings that will make your work comfortable, regardless of whether you are a gamer or an office user.

Does the gaming chair have a reclining function?

All modern chairs have functions from 90 to 150 degrees and are adjustable.

Should I Buy a Gaming Chair Under $200?

Indeed, if you have a budget in the $200 range, the choice of chairs is quite reasonable. If you pay attention, you can buy a quality gaming chair that can come with numerous additional options.

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