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Best 65% Gaming Keyboards

Due to its compact design, the 65% layout mechanical keyboard is currently the first choice of many young gamers. This type of keyboard can easily be placed in many different working angles without taking up too much space.

Many models of 65% mechanical keyboards are on the market today with many different prices and qualities. This article recommends the best 65% gaming keyboards based on build quality, design, and price. Move on.

What is 65% keyboards?

Let’s say you’re part of a group of users who love the size and good looks of 60% of keyboard models, but you need help getting used to the shortcuts to use the arrow keys. So TKL keyboards are bigger, and 60% is not functional enough for you.

Then the right choice is somewhere in between, i.e., the 65% mechanical keyboard version can be an excellent choice for you. Simply put, the 65% keyboard is 60% the size + added arrow keys and a few more keys from the TKL version (e.g., Ins, PgUp, PgDn, Del keys).

Best 65% Gaming Keyboards

The advantage of 65% keyboards

The first impression for most users is the compact size of the 65% layout and more sophisticated usability than smaller keyboards. Omitting the numeric pad and some function keys on the right side helped save about 10cm on this compact design compared to a standard full-size keyboard.

And similar to the above, this size is perfect for laptops. You no longer have to fiddle with shortcuts whenever you play your favorite game.

Version 65% has all four arrow keys physically. Only these keys are not grouped as full size but are separated next to character keys. It takes a little time to get used to the new layout, but then you’ll see that it’s much easier and more convenient than the 60% version without the arrow pad.

In addition, on the 65% size of the keyboard on the right side comes a few more valuable keys such as Ins, Del, PgUp, PgDn, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

5 Best 65% Gaming Keyboards






Akko 3068B Plus

  • 68 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired/Wireless/BT

  • PBT Double-Shot

  • Hot-Swappable

  • Mac OS compatible

Runner Up

ASUS ROG Falchion

  • 68 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired/Wireless

  • PBT Double-Shot

  • Cherry MX switches

Best for Mac OS

Keychron K6 

  • 68 keys

  • RGB mode: No

  • Wired/BT

  • ABS keycaps

  • Gateron Switches

  • Mac OS compatible


Redragon K631

  • 68 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Hot-Swappable

  • Wired

  • ABS keycaps

  • Outemu switches



  • 68 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired

  • Outemu switches

  • PBT Keycaps

  • Mac OS compatible

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1. Akko 3068B Plus

The Akko 3068B Plus is an excellent keyboard with a high finish, good build quality, and extremely firm. It can be said that Akko has made the perfect keyboard for the price it offers. The frame outside the keyboard that Akko equips is a high-quality monolithic plastic, so it’s solid without squeaking like some budget keyboard models.

In addition, the Akko 3068B Plus plate is a metal that provides extremely high security, thus improving the typing experience for users.

The typing feel is very comfortable, and there is no sloppiness. The keyboard can connect multiple devices via Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi at 2.4 GHz, and wired USB Type-C, quickly switching between connection modes.

The keycaps are solidly and thickly machined from high-quality PBT plastic, along with dye-printing technology that helps the characters on the keys fade over time, increasing the keyboard’s durability.

The switches are easily replaceable (hot-swap), proving a convenient option if you have faulty or dislike the built-in Akko Jelly Pink linear switches. All keys can be remapped via Akko Cloud Driver.

Akko 3068B Plus has a built-in RGB backlight with about 20 light animation effects. Also, RGB lighting per key is supported. We highly recommend the Akko 3068B Plus if you want a quality 65% ​​mechanical keyboard packed with features in the sub-$100 price range.



  • Compact design

  • High-quality build

  • Mod-friendly

  • RGB backlit with customizable light

  • BT 5.0, WiFi and USB-C connectivity

  • 3 levels of adjustable heights

  • Wireless is sometimes unstable

  • Software needs improvement

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2. ASUS ROG Falchion

If you do not like to experiment a lot and want high-level quality, then the ROG Falchion is an excellent choice. The Asus gaming keyboard is designed to be very compact according to the 65% standard. The ASUS ROG Falchion keyboard is designed with elegant black color, has per-key RGB lighting, and two connection methods.

In addition to the wired USB-C connection, the keyboard comes with a reliable 2.4 GHz RF connection with almost zero latency.

The built-in rechargeable battery will provide over 400 hours of wireless communication, providing gamers with the stable and long-lasting connection needed for the ultimate gaming experience.

The PBT keycaps are very well processed, and the sensitivity and response are significantly higher than other keyboards. This is helped by Cherry MX switches that you can choose according to your preferences (blue, brown, or red).

The key design has been optimized with mid-height keycaps and a shorter handle to reduce key wobble and provide more comfortable operation. Among the disadvantages, we can mention a slightly higher price than the other 65% of the keyboards and the limitation to only black color.

We would also love to see this keyboard in white, which would fit perfectly into your white gaming setup.

Best 65 Gaming Keyboards-Pc-game-build_1-50



  • Very good design and build

  • Fantastic for gaming

  • Good battery life

  • Customizable RGB backlighting

  • Amazing low latency

  • A bit pricey

  • Modest programming options

  • No Bluetooth support

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3. Keychron K6 

The Keychron K6 is the only keyboard on the list that supports the Mac layout well. This keyboard is valuable for Mac users looking for a good 65% mechanical keyboard. The build quality on the Keychron is quite good, with the case being aluminum or plastic.

The aluminum version of the case is worth your attention if you want the strongest mechanical keyboard with the highest build quality. The plastic version is a good choice if you want to save money, but the build quality is still high, which we can compare with the Akko 3068B Plus.

Unfortunately, the keycaps are not PBT, but cheaper ABS, which turned out to be a worse choice in practice. Fortunately, the surface of the caps is covered with a thin layer of rubber for a friendly touch, and the characters are laser engraved – clear and sharp.

The keyboard has two connection methods, via Bluetooth and USB-C connection. We don’t like the position of the USB cable slot on the left, but this isn’t a disadvantage if you use primarily wireless connectivity.

The K6 has a built-in battery of up to 4000 mAh. This capacity is quite good for a keyboard (almost 200 hours of gaming without the backlight), and the charging time is about 3 hours.

The model we had the opportunity to test came with discrete white LED backlighting, although Keychron offers this model with RGB lighting at a higher price. Gateron switches are a good choice, maybe not at the level of Cherry MX, but the vast majority of players will be more than satisfied.

Best 65 Gaming Keyboards-Pc-game-build_2-50



  • Excellent build quality

  • Comfortable typing experience

  • Beautiful silver design

  • Compatible with Mac OS

  • Bluetooth and wired modes

  • Cheap ABS caps

  • No macro-programmable keys

  • Lack of customization software

4. Redragon K631

If you want an affordable but high-quality mechanical 65% keyboard, pay attention to the Redragon model K631, which comes with a USB-C wired connection. The Redragon K631 keyboard has a high level of finish and is incredibly solid.

The keyboard seems robust and attractive, with exciting features in this price range. The keyboard is hot-swappable with almost all types of switches on the market, whether 3-pin or 5-pin. The K631 model comes with decent Outemu red linear switches, which will be an ideal choice if you are a fan of fast action on the screen or FPS games.

Redragon K631 gaming keyboard has attractive RGB LEDs, high brightness, and many beautiful LED modes, diverse in use. You need to install Redragon software for more features, which still needs improvement. We highly recommend the Redragon K631 as an excellent choice in the budget variant of 65% keyboards.

Solid build quality and enticing features adorn this keyboard. The only thing we don’t like is that the USB-C cable comes from the left side, which can get annoying for your daily work.



  • Gaming design

  • Lightweight and portable

  • RGB Backlit up to 20 presets

  • Hot-swap feature

  • Price

  • Only wired connection

  • ABS keycaps

5. Owpkeenthy 65% Gaming Keyboard

The entire outer shell of the 65% Owpkeenthy gaming keyboard is entirely made of high-quality hard plastic, extra thick to protect the keyboard from accidental or intentional impacts during use. This compact wired mechanical keyboard is equipped with PBT keycaps and dye-sub printed legends for better quality and durability.

The Owpceenthy 65% Gaming Keyboard is beautifully designed for younger gamers who will easily fit this model into any white gaming setup. You have a wired USB-C connection available on the upper left side. The keyboard is also equipped with RGB LEDs with a brightness that surpasses natural light outdoors.

Incorporated are Outemu blue clicky switches that are the noisiest of all other switches but give you unmatched control and clear tactile feedback on every key pressed. Apart from gaming, professional text editors and writers highly appreciate blue switches.

Considering the excellent build quality and attractive design of the Owpkeenthy gaming keyboard, we can unreservedly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable 65% keyboard.

Best 65 Gaming Keyboards-Pc-game-build_4-50



  • Stunning Japanese-themed keyboard

  • Excellent responsive

  • Double-shot PBT keycaps

  • Customizable RGB

  • Price

  • Only wired connection

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How much does the best 65 %keyboard cost?

65% of keyboards have different market prices depending on the manufacturer and the specific model. You can find an excellent 65% mechanical keyboard for under $100.

Why should I choose a 65% keyboard?

Each 65% keyboard is a targeted space saver on your desk if a full-size keyboard or even a TKL doesn’t suit you. In addition, beautiful design, RGB lighting, mechanical switches, comfortable typing experience, and low latency are also important parameters for 65% gaming keyboard evaluation.

Is a 65% keyboard only good for gaming?

65% keyboard is excellent for gaming and any other professional typing. Thanks to its compact design, the keyboard saves space and is ideal for anyone who finds the 60% design complicated.


65% gaming keyboard design is made to open a new era of experience for modern users. This type of keyboard does not fall behind in performance and capabilities compared to the 60% or TKL design but is wisely placed in the space between them, using the best of both standards.

Therefore, the 65% keyboard design is characterized by easy portability, space-saving, the possibility of multiple connection methods, and equally good usability for gamers or professionals. In addition, this modern design also brings affordable keyboards under $50, making buying a new gaming keyboard a pleasant experience, even for thinner wallets.

We sincerely hope that you will find a model for yourself from the keyboards listed above and that our information will be helpful for your investment! Good luck.

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