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Best GTRacing Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are like mental and physical support for gamers. If you fail to choose a good chair that suits you, it will be difficult for you to give your best in your favorite games. Therefore, even if you are a great gamer with top-notch gaming hardware and a lousy chair, you will take longer to achieve top results.

Luckily for gamers, getting a good gaming chair doesn’t cost a fortune, and you can find a good selection on the market for a reasonable price. In this article, we decided to show you and recommend the best gaming chairs from the famous GTRacing brand. So, let’s find the top 5 best GTRacing gaming chairs that have the best value for money.

Best GTRacing Gaming Chair






GTRACING GT890M Music Series

  • Dimension (DxWxH):        20.87 x 15.75 x 52.76 inches

  • Weight support up to: 300 lbs

  • Item Weight: 50 lbs

  • Material: PU Leather

  • Buletooth Speakers

Runner Up

GTRACING GT890MF Music Series

  • Dimension (DxWxH):        20.87 x 21.65 x 53.15 inches

  • Weight support up to: 300 lbs

  • Item Weight: 47 lbs

  • Material :  PU Leather

  • Buletooth Speakers

GTRACING GT505 Premium

  • Dimension (DxWxH):             21 x 26 x 52 inches

  • Weight support up to: 300 lbs

  • Item Weight: 45.1 lbs

  • Material : PU Leather



  • Dimension (DxWxH):        21.26 x 20.47 x 52 inches

  • Weight support up to: 350 lbs

  • Item Weight: 50.1 lbs

  • Material : PU Leather


  • Dimension (DxWxH):          21.5 x 27.56 x 48.8 inches

  • Weight support up to: 300 lbs

  • Item Weight: 50 lbs

  • Material : PU Leather

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Criteria to know when buying a gaming chair

Today the market offers a large selection of gaming chairs, from low to high prices, of different quality, designs, and features. So we have a situation where the quality and price of a gaming chair can vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer.

You will undoubtedly pay more for a better quality chair from a well-known brand, but even they are forced to adjust their prices lower due to intense competition. When choosing, we would like to highlight some criteria to ensure that you have selected a good gaming chair.


Your first criteria for choosing an excellent gtracing gaming chair will, undoubtedly, be the look and design. Is the design attractive, powerful, modern, and dynamic enough for you, and will the chair look nice in your interior? Will the chair be comfortable enough for your weight, height, and the hours of the day you want to spend in it?

So, depending on your preferences, you must choose the right gaming chair considering the above. The swivel chair style, which is not too heavy and easy to move in all directions, enjoys gamers’ trust, moves quickly in the game room, and has a more beautiful design.

Note that most chairs come with lumbar and head support in the form of comfortable and detachable cushions. A significant advantage is that you can tilt the chair back and comfortably rest or take a nap after long gaming sessions.

Additional Features

Some gaming chairs come with additional features, such as built-in speakers on the seats, footrests, cup holders, side bags for small items, or chairs that create a sense of vibration to enhance the experience.

These features may mean something to you, but the decisive influence on the choice of chair is undoubtedly the comfort it provides. However, if you like the chair to have as many advanced functions as possible, we recommend such in our text.


For some, this is a decisive criterion when choosing a gaming chair. There is no doubt that there are cheap gaming chairs on the market with attractive designs and many additional functions. But with such chairs, the build quality, materials used, and the quality of the manufacturer’s support is questionable.

Fortunately, today you can buy a gaming chair from a well-known brand at a reasonable price, and we are certainly here to guide you in the right choice so that you do not wander and make mistakes.

GTRacing Brand

GTRACING is a brand of e-sports equipment that many gamers and streamers choose to enhance their gaming experience. It has a deep insight into users’ needs and continuously innovates and develops to meet gamers’ different wants and needs.

The products of this brand always have new features and designs, all at very affordable prices. GTRACING consistently implements its design and branding idea ‘BE COOL BE FREE.’ In this style, we also have a gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers to meet the needs of gamers.

The chairs come with a comfortable ergonomic lumbar pillow, multi-angle adjustable back support, and other features, all intending to satisfy gamers as possible.

1. GTRACING GT890M Music Series 

GTRACING GT890M gaming chair has an extremely sturdy construction. The chair frame is made entirely of steel alloy, stretching over the entire back and bottom of the chair. Especially the bottom of the seat is fixed with steel bars of great thickness.

GT890M is designed with 2 Bluetooth speakers, with an exquisite design that brings modern beauty with youthful, dynamic, and personality blue-black tones, suitable for the gaming environment of gamers. High-end gaming chairs are ideal for users who want to change their game room space in a modern direction with beautifully designed products.

Ergonomics is a design that aims to be the best fit for humans. The back of the chair is slightly curved inward to ensure that the entire back of the chair will fit the back of the person sitting. The top of the head tends to curve back, keeping the lead in a straight position.

The position of the head pillow is also very flexible depending on each person’s height. Different from other chairs in the same segment on the market, GT890M has a chair made of shiny steel, muscular balance, 5-pointed star structure, so it has a very high bearing capacity and five significantly rotating 360-degree wheels.

At the same time, it has a super thick cushion and is wholly made of monolithic foam, providing excellent elasticity and resistance to subsidence when used.



  • Classic racing design

  • Bluetooth speakers easy to connect

  • The lumbar and head pillow is freely adjustable

  • Ergonomy and comfort

  • Resonable price

  • High-quality materials 

  • Thicker cushion

  • Quick and easy assemble

  •  Swivel armrests a bit uncomfortable

2. GTRACING GT890MF Music Series +

GT890MF gaming chair has a highly classic design with a mix of red and black. The GT890MF is also designed with 2 Bluetooth speakers and, unlike the GT90M, comes with a footrest. High-quality PU leather has stable tension, no wrinkles, and is easy to clean. Behind the PU leather is a super durable monolithic cushion.

The cushion is cut precisely with a high balance, giving a very smooth sitting feeling, and it can keep the chair from for a long time. The chair’s frame is made entirely of steel alloy, stretching over the entire back and bottom of the chair to create steady support. Not only that, the bottom of the seat is reinforced with thick steel bars.

The two sides of the armrests with 3D swivel joints are incredibly flexible so that you can change the angle of the palm rest comfortably. You can adjust in different directions, including up and down, and it is easy to fit in the most comfortable sitting position.

The footrest is comfortable and easy to use. The base is designed to be frog-shaped and can recline 15 degrees to the back and lock the recline angle. This exciting feature gives the chair more seating tips. Class 4 hydraulic cylinders can withstand vast loads of up to 300 lbs (136kg) to ensure that all users can use the chair without worrying about safety or fear of damage.

The 5-pointed star foot structure should have a very high bearing capacity and absolute balance even when reclining 160 degrees. Five 360-degree rotating wheels are highly stable and smooth.



  • Classic racing design

  • 2 Bluetooth speakers

  • The lumbar and head pillow is freely adjustable

  • Ergonomy and comfort

  • The frame is solid and slightly heavy

  • Footrest frame is sturdy

  • Quick and easy assemble

  • A bit pricey

3. GTRACING GT 505 Premium Gaming Chair

GT505 Premium, with black and white colors and prints on the back of the chair, focuses primarily on comfort. Therefore, it is equally good as a gaming and work chair. If you make your gaming setup in black, white, or pink, you can find the GT 505 in these popular colors.

The metal frame is solid and durable, and the level 4 hydraulic cylinders can carry and operate up to 300 lbs (136 kg). Many well-known chair manufacturers now trust this stability level 4 hydraulic axle and its long-term use.

The GT505 Premium gaming chair is equipped with a tilt-adjustable lever. Users can easily pull the handle and select the appropriate angle for maximum comfort up to 170 degrees. In addition, the chair is also equipped with detachable cushions and a convenient lumbar support that helps you adjust your sitting and lying position.

GT505 Premium is a classic, high-quality gaming chair that significantly increases the gaming experience and contributes to more pleasant office work.



  • Ergonomic design

  • Removable headrest

  • Comfort lumbar pillow

  • Footrest & armrest adjustable

  • Hard to assembly 

  • No footrest

4. GT901 Pro gaming chair 

GT901 Pro is an attractive gaming chair that you can choose from as many as eight different color combinations. This chair will fit into different interiors to help users feel more relaxed while playing games and working.

The GT901 Pro is made of high-quality PU leather with a solid metal seat frame to give users the most comfortable feeling. The leather has a high smoothness, does not wrinkle or shrink, and is relatively easy to clean. The foam pillow is made of a thick, highly elastic, breathable material.

There are additional small air holes evenly distributed on the surface of the mattress to create maximum ventilation and coolness when in use. Multi-directional 3D armrests, easily adjustable seat height and support up to 160 degrees of maximum recline, 350 lbs (158 kg) load capacity comes with back and neck cushions.

By all accounts, the chair is intended for more prominent people, as its specification says. The GT901 Pro can be tilted 160 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. Players can quickly move the body of the chair from any angle.

You can adjust the seat to higher or lower depending on your preferences. A whole range of accessories, such as pillows and back and leg rests, will help make your work, gaming, and relaxation almost perfect.



  • Luxury design

  • Thickly padded backrest

  • Stylish seat design

  • Rocking function controller

  • Strong metal frame designed

  • Footrest

  • Uncomfortable cushions

  • Armrests plastic feels cheap

5. GTRACING Speed gaming chair

GTRACING Speed is one of the specialized chairs designed especially for gamers, which is a unique solution for gamers to reduce the fatigue of sitting for too long. The goal of every professional and casual player is to always maintain the best health for their multi-hour battles.

The GTRACING Speed is equipped with thick padding and a solid steel frame that helps in ergonomic design to accommodate the spine and reduce curvature, scoliosis, or back pain. You can adjust the armrest and seat height according to your posture and preferences for maximum comfort.

Also, you can recline the seat from 90 to 170 degrees with a rocking function that allows you to relax after stressful gaming. GTRACING Speed has a complete headrest and lumbar cushion with attractive color combinations.

The gaming chair can support a load of up to 300 lbs (136 kg) which is suitable for most gamers without having to worry about whether your weight is appropriate.



  • Popular design elements

  • A solid steel frame that feels sturdy

  • Headrest & lumbar pillowy

  • Reasonable prices 

  • Thickly padded backrest

  • Bucket seat

  • Smooth wheels

  • No footrest

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Where can I buy GT Racing Gaming Chair?

GTRACING is a very well-known brand to many players, but there are also many imitations of this brand. So be careful when buying a GTRACING gaming chair. Buy them only from reputable places like Amazon.

How much does GT Racing Gaming Chair cost?

A GTRACING gaming chair is a mid-range product under 200 USD and is perfectly suitable for most gamers or office workers who can choose quality products for the best gaming or work experience.

What is the best GT Racing Gaming Chair for gaming?

Each GTRACING gaming chair has different advantages and disadvantages when playing games or demanding office work. You have to shell out the most money for the GT890F model if you want to choose a chair with all the advanced features. Conversely, if you want a quality multi-purpose chair with luxurious colors and essential features, the GT901 Pro is a product you can’t ignore.


In this article, we have given you a recommendation for the five most valuable GTRACING gaming chairs today. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, carefully read our opinion and choose the best product according to your needs and planned budget. If you need the most comfortable gaming experience with tons of extra features, buy yourself the GT890MF, but if you’re on a tight budget, the GT901 Pro or Classic series might also be a good choice. We wish you the best of luck in choosing the right product for you.

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