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Best Keyboard Cleaner

In every computer system, next to the mouse, the keyboard is where we come into direct and most frequent contact. Therefore, protection and maintenance of the keyboard are necessary for aesthetic, functional, and health reasons. Dirt usually comes from house dust, leftover food, various drinks, and fingerprints.

Therefore, we have prepared the following article to guide you on effectively cleaning your mechanical or membrane keyboard using dedicated cleaning products.

The reason why you need to clean the keyboard

As you know, the keyboard is a peripheral that we continuously use, whether gamers or writers. With such direct interaction, the keyboard easily sticks dirt and harmful bacteria to the surface of the keycaps and under the keys. In addition, a mechanical keyboard is more susceptible to dirt because it has high keys with many notches. This feature creates small gaps and is out of sight. Dust particles get stuck in it day after day and are rarely cleaned.

Dirty keyboards carry many potential skin and respiratory disease risks, not to mention the aesthetic experience. Therefore, cleaning the keyboard improves its aesthetics and helps you keep it always clean and pleasant to work with, but it also carries a small risk of affecting your health.

We’ve researched several keyboard cleaning options, rating them for ease of use, cleanability, user safety, and value for money. Many keyboard cleaning products clean your keyboard to the last speck of dust.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that apart from these cleaning agents that we have prepared in this text, there is an even simpler and cheaper way. A simple damp, lint-free cotton cloth, cotton ear sticks, and taking care of the keyboard from the day of purchase will not put you in the situation of buying chemical products when you forget to clean.

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Best Keyboard Cleaner






Fesciory Keyboard Cleaner

  • 2 Brushes

  • 4 Cleaning gel

  • Keycap puller

  • Rubber blower

  • Cotton cloth

Hagibis Cleaning Soft Brus

  • Brush cleaner

  • Keycap puller

  • Earphone cleaner

  • Flocking sponge

Dealswin Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cleaner

  • 8W power

  • USB charging port

  • Two side air vents

  • 2 Vacuum nozzles

ColorCoral Universal Dust Cleaner

  • 2 Cleaning gel

  • Keycap puller

  • Brush cleaner

SIN SHINE 7-in-1

  • Cleaning gel

  • 1 storage brush

  • 1 small gap cleaning brush

  • 4 cleaning wipes

  • 2 screen cleaning cloths

  • 1 spray bottle

MiracleSpray for Electronics Cleaning

  • Multifunctional Electronic Cleaning Spray

  • Cleaning cloth

UPPERCASE GhostBlanket

  • Prevent keyboard imprints and oil transfers onto MacBook screens

1. Fesciory Keyboard Cleaner

The Fesciory Keyboard Cleaning Kit is a must-have for your gaming keyboard for easy, efficient, and fun deep cleaning. The set comes with two brushes (soft and hard) for cleaning food debris and large dust particles. You can wipe the fine dust from every corner of the keyboard with a soft brush. A mechanical keyboard keycap puller makes cleaning easier and safer to avoid damaging or impacting internal components.

A good feature of the Fesciory kit is that it comes with four packs of cleaning gel, which makes it easy to remove even the tiniest dirt without leaving marks or stickiness on your hands. With this gel, cleaning becomes more fun and efficient because it restores the shine of the tattoo as it was on the day of purchase.

Remember that once you open the gel box, it expires in three months. This gel can be used many times before it expires and is biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about it going to landfill over time. Before using the gel, try to wipe off the dust with the included cotton cloth. Then, the real finish comes with this helpful gel.

In addition, the set also comes with a rubber blower that helps remove dust or food residues in hard-to-reach places by blowing them out.

Fesciory Keyboard Cleaner is the most comprehensive keyboard cleaning product, and if you can get your hands on it, we highly recommend keeping it with you. Not only is it suitable for cleaning and maintaining the keyboard, but you can also find its application in your car’s interior.




  • For keyboard and laptop

  • Hard and soft bristle brushes

  • Can also be used for car detailing

  • Four gel packs included

  • Gel expires after three months once opened

  • Small pieces are dangerous for kids

2. Hagibis Cleaning Soft Brush

If you don’t want too many keyboard cleaning supplies, the Hagibis 5-in-1 Soft Brush Set is perfect. With a practical design and use, it is easy to clean your keyboard or laptop with simple operation.

First, we used a large soft, bristled brush to remove the dust and then a metal needle to gently remove the dirt between the keys and the laptop’s hinge. The brush is designed with high-density nylon fibers, so cleaning the keyboard is faster and more efficient.

Moreover, with the Hagibis cleaning set, you can clean typical headphones such as Airpods. The sponge is an excellent tool for cleaning the charging case of the headphones, while the metal needle tip and high-density brush are ideal for cleaning the sound holes of the headphones. However, it would help to be careful when cleaning with a metal needle, as excessive force can damage your electronic device.

The Hagibis cleaning set is a handy product that everyone should have, whether you’re a gamer looking after your keyboard or cleaning a keyboard in an office. We recommend this product from the day you purchase your keyboard for regular maintenance.




  • Compact size

  • Multifunctional

  • Affordable

  • Small pieces are dangerous for kids

3. Dealswin Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cleaner

If you are too lazy to clean your keyboard often with a cloth or brushes, this is the product for you. Of course, you still want to keep your keyboard clean every day without spending too much money. The Dealswin Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cleaner is a product you can’t ignore because of its compactness and excellent performance.

The Dealswin vacuum cleaner comes with a USB cable, so you can easily plug it in and charge it via a computer or adapter. Long-term use is up to 60 minutes between charges, but it takes three hours to charge fully. The mini vacuum cleaner has a compact size of just ‎7.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. You can completely store it in a small drawer on your desk.

The product comes with these two vacuum nozzles: a flat nozzle and a brush nozzle. You can use the flat nozzle to suck dirt from the laptop hinges and the brush nozzle to clean the keyboard gently. Moreover, you can also use this vacuum cleaner to clean other computer components (motherboard, graphics card, etc.) or even mice.

This is a product we will recommend that you always have on hand for easy and pleasant cleaning of your keyboard from the moment of purchase. Of course, no one forbade you to have this vacuum cleaner in combination with other cleaning products, such as the Fesciory Keyboard Cleaner set or the Hagibis 5-in-1 Soft Brush set, because then you will have the maximum cleaning effect.



  • Two nozzles include

  • Very light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Long charging time

  • It must be combined with other cleanings assets

4. ColorCoral Universal Dust Cleaner

This cleaning product is similar to the Fesciory Keyboard Cleaning Kit, with fewer cleaning accessories. ColorCoral cleaning gels are biodegradable, do not irritate the skin and respiratory organs, and have a light and pleasant smell.

These two packs of gel also come with a brush and a tool to remove keycaps on mechanical keyboards for deep cleaning. The manufacturer recommends storing this cleaning gel in a cool, dry place in an airtight container when not in use.

When the gel has accumulated too much dirt or turned dark green, replace the product to ensure the best performance of keyboard cleaning. We recommend this product as an addition to the Hagibis 5-in-1 set or the Dealswin mini vacuum cleaner for maximum keyboard cleaning effect.




  • Easy to use

  • Brush and keycap puller included

  • Two pack of cleaning gel

  • Gel fast expire after frequent use

5. SIN SHINE 7-in-1

The SIN SHINE 7-in-1 lives up to its name, offering the cleaning power of seven different tools in the convenience of a compact product that can be pocketed or taken anywhere. A retractable soft-bristled brush can be helpful on laptops and keyboards, while a small, high-density brush is excellent for deep cleaning between keys. You can also use silicone slot cleaners to remove any grime that has built up between keys or laptop hinges.

The clear plastic microfiber cover is a tablet or phone holder for easy cleaning, and the kit comes with a replacement microfiber cloth. In addition, SIN SHINE comes with a small bottle containing an anti-static spray (for cleaning monitors, tablets, or mobile phones) and one of four replaceable cleaning wipes to help remove stubborn fingerprints.

Not only that, but SIN SHINE also comes with a bottle of gel that helps with deep cleaning and makes your keyboard always stylish. We want to draw attention to the fact that this useful product should be kept away from children and pets due to small parts that can be easily swallowed. This cleaning kit is almost perfect and worth the money you spend.




  • Very compact and useful set

  • Keyboard and laptop compatible

  • 7 tools in 1 case

  • Small parts are dangerous for kids

  • A bit pricey

6. MiracleSpray for Electronics Cleaning

Spray cleansers are another worthy alternative to wipes or gel cleansers. MiracleSpray for cleaning electronics is an indispensable product if your home has a lot of electronics and you want to clean them regularly. Keyboards, monitors, computers, televisions, and other electronic components are easy to clean.

To clean all electronics, spray the solution on the included microfiber cloth and wipe away all smudges and fingerprints in an instant. Greasy stains from fingerprints on the keyboard are particularly irritating, which the mentioned cleaners cannot completely remove. That’s when MiracleSpray comes into play.

We recommend MiracleSpray for its effectiveness. This spray is ammonia-free and anti-static so it won’t damage your laptop’s or keyboard’s surface. While this spray provides a clean, smudge-free finish, there are better choices for deep cleaning between keys or deep crevices on any electronic device. That’s why we recommend this spray as an addition to other cleaning products.




  • Microfiber cloth included

  • Streak-free finish

  • Ammonia-free

  • Antistatic

  • Not an effective gap cleaner

7. UPPERCASE GhostBlanket for MacBook

If you are a fan of Apple and have one of the Macbook models, pay attention to this great product. The GhostBlanket Screen Protector can be used as a protective layer between the keyboard and the screen to prevent unnecessary transfer of dirt and greasy fingerprints from the keyboard to the screen. It also fits other 13- to 15-inch laptops from brands including Dell, HP, and Microsoft.

The GhostBlanket Screen Protector is a quality microfiber cloth 0.4mm thick, which can also be used to clean fingerprints, smudges, and dust from the keyboard or laptop screen.
While a microfiber cloth is convenient for flat laptop keyboards, we recommend other options for cleaning mechanical keyboards.

In any case, a cloth alone will not help you effectively clean and regularly maintain your laptop or mechanical keyboard. We recommend you get one of the great sets on this list and combine it with this laptop cloth, making the cleaning effect much greater.




  • Durable material

  • Can be stored inside a laptop

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable

  • May not be as effective on external keyboards

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What is the best keyboard cleaner?

The best keyboard cleaner should have several different and useful accessories in the package, such as cleaning gel, various types of brushes, cotton cloth, keycap puller, etc. If possible, combine several products for maximum cleaning effect and the best preventive maintenance.

How does keyboard cleaning gel work?

The gels are liquid and sticky in texture before use. You should wash and dry your hands to avoid sticky gels. Put the gel on the keyboard, slowly go to each corner of the keyboard, then grab the dirt inside. You should lower the gel and raise it for a few seconds.

Avoid leaving the gel on the keyboard too long, as it can cause it to stick to the component. Store the gel in a cool and dry place. The shelf life depends on the frequency of use and the amount of dirt you treat. Usually, the gel can be used for 3-4 months.

How do I keep my keyboard clean?

Clean your keyboard regularly, at least once a week, to keep it clean. Avoid eating and drinking above or near the keyboard, and do not use it with dirty or greasy hands. Choose one of the specialized cleaning and maintenance sets.

A quality lint-free cotton cloth, hair dryer, ear sticks, and window cleaner can also be used as an inexpensive method of maintaining your mechanical beauty. Clean the keyboard only if disconnected from the computer (wired or wifi) and without power.

How to safely remove keycaps for cleaning?

To remove keycaps on a mechanical keyboard, you can do it manually or more efficiently using a special tool called a keycaps puller. A keycap puller usually comes with a mechanical keyboard or is an integral part of a better cleaning kit. Before removing the keycaps, please take a picture of the key layout to put them back in the right place after cleaning the keyboard.

Can I use wet wipes on the keyboard?

Avoid wet cleaning wipes because of their chemical composition, which can do more harm than good. Use lint-free cotton cloths with ordinary lukewarm water or special sprays for cleaning electrical components.


We have recommended some of the best products for cleaning mechanical tattoos and other electronic components. Each product has outstanding features that make cleaning your keyboard easier and faster. If you want the maximum cleaning effect, we recommend combining two or more products to ensure that your keyboard stays in top condition as long as possible as on the day of purchase.

However, there is always the option to clean your keyboard at home using what you have on hand. A damp cotton cloth will be sufficient for daily maintenance unless you are in the habit of eating and drinking above the keyboard.

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