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Best Colorful Keyboard

Best Colorful Keyboard  Choosing a tremendous mechanical keyboard can be quite challenging, especially when you want to find a colorful one that will satisfy your passion for variety or as a cute gift for your friends and loved ones.

You’re probably familiar with standard black mechanical keyboards and their benefits. However, do you want to find the perfect colorful mechanical keyboard that highlights your personality, has a good backlight and provides a great user experience?

After listening to the market’s demands, gaming equipment manufacturers have offered their vision of the best colorful keyboards with quality build and features to satisfy customers with refined taste.

Today we decided to share our selection of 8 of the most outstanding and valuable colorful mechanical keyboards you can find.

Best Colorful keyboards






  • 84 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired/Wireless

  • Mac OS compatible

  • Gateron Switches

Womier K87

  • 87 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired

  • Mac OS compatible

  • Gateron Switches

Akko World Tour Tokyo

  • 108 keys

  • RGB mode: NA

  • Wired

  • Mac OS compatible

  • Akko Switches


  • 61 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired

  • Mac OS compatible

  • Outemu Switches

Leopold FC660M

  • 66 keys

  • RGB mode: NA

  • Wired

  • Mac OS compatible

  • Cherry MX Switches

Razer BlackWidow V3

  • 104 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired

  • Wrist Rest

  • Razer Switches

Logitech K380

  • 79 keys

  • RGB mode: NA

  • Wireless

  • Mac OS Compatible

ASUS ROG Strix Flare

  • 104 keys

  • RGB mode: Yes

  • Wired

  • Wrist Rest

  • Cherrry MX Switches

1. COSTOM XVX M84 Colorful Keyboard

First, we would like to introduce the COSTOM XVX M84 Red and White Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is an excellent choice that perfectly satisfies the aesthetics of users with refined taste who are looking for a unique set of equipment, thanks to the Izakaya Theme.

XVX’s TKL mechanical keyboard has a new 75% layout of 84 compact keys and unique profile keycaps. Curved keys conform to the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback.

COSTOM XVX M84 comes with two-tone red and white color keycaps, which are balanced and soothing to the eyes. The keyboard’s base is made of solid plastic, also beautifully and modernly designed, giving the keyboard an irresistible beauty.

The linear switches are Gateron Yellow, and if for some reason they don’t suit you, you can easily replace them with others because they are not soldered to the board.

It is a pleasant surprise that the keyboard supports wired and wireless connections. The wireless connection is decent with no lag, thanks to the 2.4G wireless connection with a range of up to 33 ft (10 m). You can also charge the keyboard and play games simultaneously with the (included) USB-C cable.

You have 19 RGB backlight modes with nine different colors at your disposal. You can also create a custom backlight to your liking using the available software. In addition, you can create macros with different key bindings or shortcuts for more efficient work or gaming.

Inheriting all the outstanding advantages of TKL design, COSTOM XVX M84 completes COSTOM at a fantastic level compared to products in the same segment.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-COSTOM-XVX-M84-50



  • Comfortable typing experience

  • Beautiful design

  • Travel friendly due to compact design

  • Compatible with Mac OS

  • Wireless and Wired modes

  • RGB lighting effects

  • Stabilizers are rattling and need to be lubricated

  • Lack of Bluetooth

2. Womier K87 Colorful Keyboard

If you consider yourself an FPS player and nature lover and don’t want an ordinary ready-made product, then Womier K87 can be the ideal choice. It is a colorful mechanical acrylic TKL keyboard with botanical motifs, i.e., a unique artistic design.

The background lighting per key is entirely customizable to your taste and mood. In addition, pay attention to the backlight on the edge of the keyboard body.

Womier K87 comes with PBT keycaps, and the inscriptions are printed with advanced Doubleshot technology. That is why the keycap is thick to provide a pleasant feeling when typing, does not leave prints but still has perfect LED penetration. PBT keycaps are characterized by much less wear during use.

The Womier K87 comes with Gateron Red Switches, but you can easily replace them quickly if you prefer some other switches (blue, brown) or other manufacturers (Omron, Cherry, etc.). This wired keyboard comes, in line with modern trends, with a detachable USB-C cable in a pleasant green color.

The keyboard is quiet and comfortable during use without vibrations and rattling of the larger keys (space, enter) because they are also lubricated at the factory. The Womier mechanical keyboard also boasts good compatibility with Windows OS, Mac OS, and PS5/PS4.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-Womier K87-50



  • Stunning RGB lighting

  • Frosted acrylic case feels solid to type on

  • Hot-swappable switches

  • Programmable with software and built-in memory

  • Botanical design

  • Stabilizers needed lube

  • Typing angle is shallow for some

3. Akko World Tour Tokyo

Pay attention to the Akko World Tour Tokyo model if you want a beautiful, wired, colorful keyboard for your pink gaming setup. Akko is known as a gaming equipment brand from Taiwan. It is trendy among gamers and fans of mechanical keyboards due to its impressive build quality and beautifully polished design.

The Akko World Tour Tokyo is a colorful, full-size 108-key keyboard that vividly displays Tokyo’s local cultural features with a cherry blossom-colored body. In addition, you get six additional keycaps for multimedia and enter keys in the package.

Akko put a lot of effort into the design and details, so the detachable cable is also pink. Of course, the USB-C connection type is implied. The key cover is made of high-quality PBT plastic that does not leave fingerprints (such as ABS) and has a prolonged degradation during use.

You can remap all keys on the keyboard to allow action sequences except those used to control Macro Mode (Esc/Win). Unfortunately, the keyboard does not come with LED backlighting, so if you are looking for such a keyboard, look at the other models we recommend.

Akko World Tour Tokyo comes with its second-generation orange tactile switch and improved stabilizers. This way, you’ll have a moderate level of satisfying tactile impact that brings you a more balanced and stable typing experience. In addition to orange switches, Akko also offers linear pink switches that will be convenient if you are an avid FPS player.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-buildAKKO 3078s-50



  • Unique, Japanese-themed keyboard

  • Cherry MX mechanical switches

  • Mod-friendly

  • Native USB-C connectivity

  • 3 levels of adjustable heights

  • The software is a little weak

  • Stabilizers are rattly and mushy

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If you’re struggling with a small space on your gaming desk, the MIHIYIRY M61 is the small, best colorful keyboard that you shouldn’t miss. It’s a 61-key mechanical gaming keyboard that’s compressed into a 60% form factor to meet the functionality of a traditional full-size keyboard easily.

The compact design gives you more space on your desk, and the M61 can easily fit into your backpack when traveling. The case is made entirely of high-quality plastic materials that protect the keyboard from impact and bring a sophisticated, high-end look.

Visually, the keyboard is intended for the younger population of gamers, which is contributed by the very vivid colors of the Starry Night theme (Painting by Vincent van Gogh). The XDA profile of the keycaps contributes to the keys having a larger contact surface, which makes the keyboard more comfortable to use and less tiring during extended typing sessions.

The M61 comes with Outemu red switches, although thanks to the hot-swappable option, you can easily install almost any 3-pin switch you want, giving you more options and fun customization.
As for lighting, the keyboard has 21 types of RGB backlight effects. With the key combination FN+ |, you can change the lighting according to your needs.

The M61 is a wired keyboard with a detachable USB-C cable, which proves convenient for handling and transport.


Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-MIHIYIRI M61-50



  • Stunning design draws a lot of people

  • The color is vibrant and eye-catching

  • Compact and easy to take care

  • Unique keycap font

  • The theme can be divisive

5. Leopold FC660M Colorful Keyboard

Under the cryptic name, FC660M is a quality, compact keyboard with 66 keys that will fit perfectly into your pink gaming setup. Leopold is a brand of high-end mechanical keyboards from Korea which strives for minimalism and wants to bring the most optimal user experience, improving the products more and more to be as competitive as possible.

This colorful gaming keyboard is perfectly designed if you have a little desk space but also want easy put a keyboard in a backpack. The pink and white keycaps look extremely cute. It attracts you to choose it as a gift for a loved one. In addition, the 66-key layout is compact, practical, and full of function keys.

The keycaps are comfortable, and the typing experience is excellent, with little to no key rattles common on cheap keyboards. The housing is made of hard/rough plastic, very well made, and suitable for easy maintenance. Keycaps are high-quality PBT Doubleshot plastic, resistant to fingerprints and long-term use without wear.

The Leopold FC660M offers blue (clicky) and brown Cherry MX switches for an enjoyable user experience. Among the disadvantages, we can single out the USB cable, not Type C but Micro-USB, lack of LED backlight, and compatibility only with Windows OS. All other features favor this small and the best colorful keyboard, which we can highly recommend for gaming or serious work.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-Leopold FC660M-50



  • Excellent build quality

  • Cherry MX switches

  • High-quality double shot PBT keycaps

  • Compact size

  • Micro-USB cable

  • Lack of LED backlight

6. Razer Black Widow V3 Quartz Gaming Keyboard 

The Razer brand needs no introduction as it has gained an enviable and serious reputation thanks to its orientation mainly towards gamers. This time, we highlight the Razer Black Widow V3 mechanical keyboard from a relatively rich assortment of products, which will ideally fit into your pink gaming setup.

Razer makes its switches, offering tactile green (click) and yellow linear switches for this keyboard. If you’re a fan of quieter operations, we recommend the yellow Razer switches.

You can make all adjustments via the Razer Chroma software, which offers different lighting profiles per individual key and gaming profiles for your favorite games, among other things. We will remind you that we have written about this fantastic keyboard before, so we will not dwell too much on the further description.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-Razer-Black-Widow-V3-50



  • Looks elegant and feels durable

  • Comfortable to use

  • Customizable RGB backlighting

  • Razer mechanical switches

  • Dedicated media controls

  • Stabilizers can be better

  • Razer Green switches can be loud

7. Logitech K380 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

If you want a colorful wireless keyboard that connects to all Bluetooth devices, the Logitech team just made the K380 keyboard for you. The keyboard supports Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and Apple TV. So if you want to pair up to 3 different devices with just one keyboard, the K380 can be a logical choice.

The Logitech K380 has a minimalist design, lightweight, programmable multimedia keys, and easy portability. K380 is not a typical gaming keyboard, but it will undoubtedly come in handy if you want to pair it simultaneously with a mobile phone, laptop, or computer for specific tasks.

The keys are very comfortable to type and practically silent in operation. The rounded keys are a little strange if you first encounter such a design, but you soon get used to it. This keyboard is priced reasonably, and you can choose from 5 colors.

We recommend the K380 for occasional typing and with moderate intensity of use. Logitech K380 is not a keyboard for gamers or professional typists who want more options and control over their keyboard behavior.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-Lgitech K380-50



  • Sturdy and portable design

  • Good typing experience

  • Multi-device pairing with up to three devices

  • Affordable

  • Software support

8. ASUS ROG Strix Flare Pink

Of course, we cannot fail to mention Asus, which brings a quality product from its famous ROG series. Talking about the extremely cute and best colorful keyboard in a combination of gray and pink colors, ASUS ROG Strike Gaming Keyboard looks stunning with uncompromising quality.

This ASUS ROG is built with faster response times and smooth keystrokes and offers precise input. The keys are fully programmable and have a range of dynamic lighting. We wrote more about this keyboard and gave it a high rating among pink gaming keyboards.

Colorful keyboard - PC-game-build-ASUS-ROG-Strix-Flare-50



  • Fantastic design, solid construction

  • Cherry MX  switches

  • Very comfortable to use

  • Customizable badge

  • Wrist pad is loosely connected

  • Heavier than most mechanical keyboards

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How much does the best colorful keyboard cost?

Colorful keyboards have different prices on the market depending on the manufacturer and the specific model. You can find a great colorful keyboard for under $100.

What should an excellent colorful keyboard have?

An excellent colorful keyboard is a keyboard you feel fits the space and matches the color of your PC. Besides, the comfortable typing experience and low latency are also to evaluate a keyboard.

Is a colorful keyboard only good for gaming?

The colorful keyboard is excellent for gaming but also any other typing work. Thanks to the different colors of the keys, the colorful keyboard is suitable for beginners to learn the essential functions or a good choice for the visually impaired.


As expert connoisseurs and users of gaming keyboards, in this article, we have selected for you the best colorful keyboards that we highly recommend for work and a more pleasant gaming experience. We also recommend that you match the color of your keyboard to the color of your gaming setup.

We hope our article will help you choose the best colorful keyboard for your needs and taste.

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