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Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring Bosses Location on Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula

Elder Ring Bosses Map

Elden Ring is a wonderfully executed game, the latest addition to the series of soul-like games by From Software. Not only does it contain all the previously loved soul-like elements of the game, but it also adds to it by providing an extensive, open-world map to do it in.

Through the aid of your trusty companion Torrent, you can travel throughout the lands in search of loot, adversaries, or sightseeing (although most of the mob enemies would not let you).
When exploring the vast and majestic land of Elden Ring, you may encounter many of the optional bosses present in the game.

A good example would be the first boss (besides the scripted scion boss in the beginning), which you would encounter, the tree sentinel. It’s a boss most have first targeted, failed against spectacularly multiple times, and then gave up and found an alternative path to grind until you can beat him.

Elden Ring abounds with bosses such as the dragon, tree sentinels, and more. Different iterations of these bosses can also be found, sometimes with unique move sets or abilities which differentiate them in difficulty from each other.

Dungeon bosses are on a whole different level from world bosses. You would have to fight to get to them, and you would also have to defeat the boss, who may or may not have multiple phases, which increases the fight’s difficulty. In addition, you can use Torrent in the open world to gain an advantage in battles, but you do not have that advantage in dungeons.

 Margit, the fell Omen

Margit, the fell Omen

Stumbling around after running away from the tree sentinel, the giant, and hordes of mob bosses, I came across a foggy wall. Margit stood with all of his sassiness, ready to send me into a rage-fueled fit. Although I was under-leveled, I was initially doing well against him.

Until mid-way, he decided to pull his hammer out and started dishing out combos that made me question my reaction time. After failing multiple times, I used the summon sign outside the boss battle and fell even then.

Margit is a demanding beginner boss. If you’re still learning the ropes of the game, you should stick away from the gates of storm veil castle until you get your bearings together. Additionally, you can use Margit’s Shackle, obtained from Patches in Murkwater cave, to help you restrain the boss, making it considerably easier to defeat him.

Margit Boss Map

Morgott, the Omen King

Morgott Elden Ring Boss

Every boss with the word Omen is particularly hard to deal with in the game. Considered one of the most challenging bosses in the game, Morgott is the quick, heavy dealer with combos with a long reach. If you do not have confidence in your reaction time or the strength of your weapon, it is advisable to summon Melina and use strong NPC ashes.

His attacks are primarily high damage attacks, best against great strong shields. His second phase, which occurs after half-healthy, is also considerably hard to beat. Initiating the phase with an explosion, his sword changes and he starts doing long combos. You should note when his sword takes a crimson hue and he takes a combat stance.

Swapping frequently with your summons is an ideal strategy, but if you take too long, he’ll be sure to wipe them out and then insta-kill you with his two-hit combo (the first stab stun locks you). The only good thing about Morgott is that you can use Margit’s Shackles on him, making the fight a little bit easier.

Radahn, Starscourge

Radahn, Starscourge Elden Ring Boss


Radahn is probably one of the game’s best bosses and is very difficult. His whole fight consists of multiple moving parts, and his second phase probably has the coolest introduction amongst all soul games.

The fight must start with a hail of arrows, dodging them, and summoning companions from signs scattered across the arena. You should not co-op with online players during this fight, as not having a Torrent makes this fight a lot harder than it should be.

After Radahn goes into melee mode, you can now start using scarlet rot (poison), infecting weapons, or taking him from the range with multiple-range weapons. Although some consider it “cheesing” him, his brutality in the second phase makes up for this. You must also resummon dead companions through their signs, as fighting him without them distracting you is an excellent way to get instantly killed.

Now for the best part, after you weaken him to half-health, Radahn will disappear. Then, like the overpowered (lore-wise) general he is, he will flex on you by literally reappearing as a raging comet. Although you should enjoy the spectacle for the first time, if it is your second rodeo with him, it is better that you summon more fodder (allies) for him to cut through while you take him from range.

Radahn will also summon four meteors that orbit around him, ready to strike you from range, thus making it necessary to time your attacks and hide behind hillcrests if you feel like he’s aiming at you. If you want to go through this fight without cheesing him, you must commit to him and time your attacks perfectly since his constant flurry makes it practically impossible.

Blade of Miquella, Malenia

Blade of Miquella, Malenia

Considered the most challenging boss in Elden Ring, Malenia is a boss who can even contend with being the most difficult among all soul games. Malenia triumphs over most players during her second phase (which is already an achievement to get to), in which she stomps on the player and most probably insta-kill them.

Being bodied by Malenia at least ten times is a common sight for almost all players, and although “Let Me Solo Her” makes it look easy, she is a boss with a tremendous skill ceiling. Additionally, she has two trump cards which make her fight considerably harder. Her brutal health regeneration when attacking (life steal), even with shields and a long combo of one attack that’s sure to hit you, makes her a formidable adversary.

The most effective way to defeat her is stun-locking her with the help of your summons and playing it smart with magic and distance. Her weakness is bleed and frost, thus making them an ideal choice, and cheese magic like Comet Azur makes the fight considerably more manageable. Being the rot-infested queen she is, it is also imperative that you have consumables for scarlet rot or incantations.

Malenia Boss Map

To be continued.

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