How To Turn Off WiFi?

Turn WiFi Off

Do You wondering how to turn off your WiFi or Ethernet connection in an easy way? We are used to being constantly online and enjoying the benefits of internet content. However, sometimes there’s a need to disconnect from the Internet for security or other reasons. There’s a physical way to remove the LAN cable from … Read more

Driver backup

Driver Backup

Why do you need the backup driver(s) on your Windows OS? As we have seen which drivers you need to install on a new pc, it’s also essential that you have all your drivers stored in one place in case of a system crash, disk failure, etc. If you have decided to reinstall Windows, you … Read more

Optimize PC For Gaming

Win10 Gaming Tweaks

Do you know how to optimize your gaming PC under Windows 10/11 for a better gaming experience? Whether you are a casual or die-hard gamer, keeping your computer in top shape must be a priority for you because only then will your favorite games work exactly the way you want. You have a newer and … Read more

Install Windows 11 On Old PC

Windows 11 Install

Do you want to install Windows 11, but your PC is old or unsupported? As you already know, Microsoft has recently introduced its full commercial version of the new operating system – Windows 11. The new OS isn’t sold separately but as an upgrade to your existing Windows 10. To successfully install Windows 11, you … Read more

Memory Clock – GPU VRAM and RAM

Memory Clock

Do memory clock speed and VRAM (GPU RAM) clock speed have the most impact on the performance of a gaming computer? The thing isn’t so simple, and we need to look at what influences us the most to say that our computer is fast or slow. In general, two essential things affect the speed of … Read more

What Drivers Do I Need For New PC?

What Drivers Do I Need For New PC

You built your first PC and set up a new operating system (Windows), and now you are wondering what drivers you need to install on your new PC? As for gaming and ease of use, I recommend setting up Windows OS (10) to get started. Linux isn’t a good choice if you are a beginner … Read more

No Signal to Monitor

Dell LCD monitor on the desk and No Signal to Monitor

Have you ever turned on your PC, but there’s no signal to monitor? More precisely, the case receives electricity, the fans rotate, the RGB lighting works, the power LED on the case lights up, but the “image” doesn’t appear on the monitor. Do you panic from a scenario like this? Fortunately, there are ways to resolve this … Read more


What is VSync

I believe you have been wondering so far, playing some 3D games, even the older one, what is VSync? You’ve seen the VSync option exist in your graphics card driver settings, but you’re unsure of what that option is and for what it’s. Some experienced gamers believe that you shouldn’t touch this option, leaving VSync … Read more

Normal CPU Temp While Gaming

GPU and CPU temp while gaming

While gaming, the normal CPU temperature should be within certain operating limits to avoid overheating and unexpected functional problems. Problems can be BSOD (hated blue screen of death), “freezing” the entire system, sudden shutdown, or reset. Whether it’s an undemanding office job, internet surfing, or gaming, monitoring your system’s temperature (temp) is imperative when working … Read more