Best Keyboard Cleaner


In every computer system, next to the mouse, the keyboard is where we come into direct and most frequent contact. Therefore, protection and maintenance of the keyboard are necessary for aesthetic, functional, and health reasons. Dirt usually comes from house dust, leftover food, various drinks, and fingerprints. Therefore, we have prepared the following article to … Read more

The Best PC Build For Playing Online Poker

The Best PC Build For Playing Online Poker-PCgamebuild

For average gamers, off-the-shelf computers are good enough to get through a game. But for the serious player, it’s a different story. Hardened gamers often build a custom setup of their entire computer system – everything from the hard drive to their chair is geared toward their gaming. Statista reports that competitive gamers spent an … Read more

Using MacBook as Second Monitor for PC

Can You Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC? Users often believe that Windows desktops and MacBooks cannot work together. With today’s computers integrating multiple connectivity options and wireless interfaces, you can use MacBook as a second monitor for your PC without spending much. Moreover, the availability of several innovative apps and software allows for … Read more

Black Gaming Setup


The black gaming setup is the perfect choice if you’re a fan of the black color, with simplicity and elegance when anyone sees your gaming setup. Fortunately, components for a complete black PC setup are easier to find than other colors, such as pink, purple, and white. But you still need to be aware of … Read more

Cute Gaming Setup


The phrase Cute Gaming Setup seems too familiar to gamers, especially gamers who like the cutest PC setup with various colors to satisfy their passion. Today we’ll guide you in finding the best components, peripherals, and accessories for your gaming setup that look good and elevate your gaming experience. Identify objective and subjective factors when … Read more

Purple Gaming Setup

Gamers with a lot of use and strong mouse movement need to pay attention to the factors of weight, size, responsiveness, and extra keys on the mouse to avoid wrist and hand fatigue when using use. If a mouse you use suffers from hand fatigue for a long time, it can easily lead to carpal tunnel disease. When targeting the enemy team, a suitable gaming mouse will give you an extremely accurate and precise gaming experience.

The purple gaming setup is attractive to girls and is chosen even by men who like a gentle gaming style that separates them from the established and somewhat boring black color. But building a dark/light/pastel purple game is difficult because those purple components are also hard to find. We have researched what can currently be … Read more

Pink Gaming Setup


Often described as a girly color, Pink symbolizes a sense of calm and a gentle, relaxing spirit. Little wonder many gamer girls use pink gaming setup and gear when creating their gaming setup. The gaming world is unsurprisingly dominated by black, gray, and even white colors; gamers of old had to settle for this narrative. … Read more

White Gaming Setup


No one knows how satisfying a good and white gaming setup is more than being an enthusiastic gamer. Knowing that you can focus more hours on enjoying gaming sessions and worrying less about discomfort is a fantastic feeling. An underestimated tingling sensation is the ripple effect a good gaming setup can have on your performance. … Read more

Parts Needed To Build a PC

Parts Needed To Build a Gaming PC Everything You Need To know-Gaming-PC-parts-pc-game-build

One advantage of building your PC from scratch is that you can customize it according to your preference, budget, and style. In doing so, knowing the main parts to make your gaming PC is essential. If this sounds overwhelming, relax; you don’t have to worry. We’ve helped you highlight all the tools required and a … Read more