Best AM5 motherboards

This article recommends several of the best AM5 motherboards for the new Ryzen 7000 desktop processors. With the release of the Ryzen 7000 desktop CPU, AMD also introduced a brand new AM5 socket with support for DDR5 memory and a further 600 series chipset. Unlike the AM4 socket, which until now was an FPGA, the … Read more

Elden Ring Keyboard and Mouse

Elden Ring fever continued in 2023, even more so after the game received the award for the game of the year 2022 (GOTY 2022). The game was made according to the good old Dark Souls recipe, and in a short period, it gained an almost cult status in gaming circles. To play Elden Ring on … Read more

Alienware AW2721D Gaming Monitor Quick Review

We assume that you, like most gamers, need one high-quality monitor that will satisfy all your gaming and work needs. Guided by that idea, it was our pleasure to review the Alienware AW2721D, a premium gaming monitor with great design, versatility, capabilities, and luxury. If you’ve put aside a little extra cash and are looking … Read more

Best 65% Gaming Keyboards

Due to its compact design, the 65% layout mechanical keyboard is currently the first choice of many young gamers. This type of keyboard can easily be placed in many different working angles without taking up too much space. Many models of 65% mechanical keyboards are on the market today with many different prices and qualities. … Read more

Top 6 best Akko Keyboard


Best Akko Keyboard is a name that may be unfamiliar to you, but experienced gamers know that this brand is synonymous with quality and interestingly designed mechanical keyboards. Every gamer knows that for excellent results, he must have the same keyboard that will not let him down even in the face of the most difficult … Read more

Best Colorful Keyboard


Best Colorful Keyboard  Choosing a tremendous mechanical keyboard can be quite challenging, especially when you want to find a colorful one that will satisfy your passion for variety or as a cute gift for your friends and loved ones. You’re probably familiar with standard black mechanical keyboards and their benefits. However, do you want to … Read more

Cute gaming mouse pads


Whether you already have a PC (or cute laptop) or plan to create a personalized gaming setup with bright colors, cute gaming mouse pads are desirable on your gaming desk to make your gaming setup more attractive and give it a personal touch. Besides the visual look, mouse pads must have good performance when you … Read more

Best White Gaming Keyboards


Nowadays, gamers go for white gear because of its sleek appearance and the ability to combine their white gaming setup to have a stunning appearance. This action has made white gaming peripherals compete with their dark-themed counterpart in the gaming world. Best white gaming keyboards are now one of the most sought-after gaming accessories for … Read more

White Graphics Card (GPU)


There is a form of simplicity and elegance that the color white graphics card (GPU) adds to your gear. Whether wholly coated in white or partially, your graphics card will look classy, especially if it comes with attractive RGB effects. The white Graphics card is one of the crucial parts of your white gaming setup, … Read more

Best White PC Cases in 2023

White PC Case Featured Image

We’ve taken the time to research the best white PC cases on the market, and with this comprehensive guide, we’ve saved you the time and confusion of which to choose. Many models, shapes, and sizes of white gaming PC cases in production have made it somewhat exhausting to decide on a particular one. This situation … Read more