Best White PC Cases in 2022

White PC Case Featured Image

We’ve taken the time to research the best white PC cases on the market, and with this comprehensive guide, we’ve saved you the time and confusion of which to choose. The presence of many models, shapes, and sizes of white gaming PC cases in production has made it somewhat exhausting in deciding a particular one … Read more

Best White RAM For Your PC In 2022

Best White RAM in 2022

Today we’re going to look at the best white RAM in 2022. We’ve put together a list of what we think is the best RAM available to match the design of your white-themed gaming setup. The list is based on the still widespread DDR4 memory, but soon, we will tackle DDR5 as the price drops … Read more

Best Pink PC Case in 2022

Pink PC Case

Pink PC Case in 2022: A Guide To Make Top Quality Choices Girls and lovers of pink, you are lucky to live in a time when you can choose almost every part of your computer in your favorite color. When choosing pink but any other housing, you have to take into account some of the … Read more

Corsair DDR5 Vengeance RAM Review

Corsair DDR5-5200 testing

Corsair DDR5 Corsair is among the first manufacturers to meet the new Alder Lake platform with its DDR5 RAM. DDR5 is more expensive than the more widespread and mature DDR4 standard. In its offer of DDR5 modules, the famous Corsair offers cheaper Vengeance and a slightly more costly Dominator Platinum with RGB effect. The tested … Read more

Best NZXT AIO Kraken CPU Water Cooler

NZXT AIO vs Alder Lake

NZXT Kraken AIO CPU water cooling systems are famous for users due to their excellent performance and attractive water block. The X-marked versions have a water block with an infinite tunnel effect, while the Z-marked versions have a water block with an OLED screen that can display a wealth of helpful information. Of course, the … Read more

Best PC Case Under 100

Best Case under 100

If you choose the best PC case under $ 100, you don’t have to make significant compromises in building quality, design, and features compared to more expensive PC cases. A cheaper PC case doesn’t mean it looks cheap because this price category is the most sought-after. Manufacturers are simply competing to give a more attractive … Read more

Rog Ryujin ii 360 Review


Today’s offer of closed water cooling systems (AIO) is very uniform, with honorable exceptions. Asus is a reputable company, and there’s a slight chance that you didn’t have or will have some of its products. Also, Asus paid particular attention to die-hard gamers through the ROG product line. So, from laptops and prebuilt configurations to … Read more

Synology ds220+ Review

Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220 Plus

What is Synology DS220+? It doesn’t matter if you are a severe gamer, professional or casual computer user because you are probably thinking about the importance of your data. After all, they must always be safe and always available. I have already written about storing data on your computer, but I want to raise the … Read more