Best NZXT AIO Kraken CPU Water Cooler

NZXT AIO vs Alder Lake

NZXT Kraken AIO CPU water cooling systems are famous for users due to their excellent performance and attractive water block. The X-marked versions have a water block with an infinite tunnel effect, while the Z-marked versions have a water block with an OLED screen that can display a wealth of helpful information. Of course, the … Read more

NZXT Kraken Z Series vs Ryzen 9 5950X

NZXT H510 Elite NZXT Kraken Z63

The NZXT Kraken Z53, Z63, and Z73 are three nicely designed AIO water coolers. The radiators come with regular or RGB fans, and the CPU block comes with an OLED screen with helpful system information. You can adjust the screen by CAM application, so the NZXT gives you a complete AIO hardware-software unit. NZXT Kraken … Read more

Rog Ryujin ii 360 Review


Today’s offer of closed water cooling systems (AIO) is very uniform, with honorable exceptions. Asus is a reputable company, and there’s a slight chance that you didn’t have or will have some of its products. Also, Asus paid particular attention to die-hard gamers through the ROG product line. So, from laptops and prebuilt configurations to … Read more

Best RGB Fans for Case and Radiator

RGB Fans in case

The simplest and perhaps cheapest way to breathe new life into your favorite case is to install (best) RGB fans. The PC case will get a fantastic look, but this action will contribute to the overall cooling quality of the components. So you can effectively combine the beautiful with the useful. You can buy a … Read more