White Graphics Card (GPU)


There is a form of simplicity and elegance that the color white graphics card (GPU) adds to your gear. Whether wholly coated in white or partially, your graphics card will look classy, especially if it comes with attractive RGB effects. The white Graphics card is one of the crucial parts of your white gaming setup, … Read more

RX 6500 XT vs RTX 3050

RTX 3050 vs RX 6500 XT

AMD RX 6500 XT vs NVIDIA RTX 3050  RX 6500 XT vs RTX 30500 The green team has finally rolled out the graphics card to the masses, promising good performance at an affordable price. The latest card from the 3000 series is based on the Ampere architecture (GA 106) and responds to the name RTX … Read more

CPU With Integrated Graphics-A review

Best Integrated Graphics Card

The CPU with an integrated graphics card isn’t a new concept. Still, we see the CPU with the integrated graphics card (or IGP) as a solution for non-demanding users like office work, internet surfing, or video streaming. The real gamer immediately frowned and shivered at the mention of the CPU-integrated graphics card, as I was … Read more