Best White RAM For Your PC In 2022

Best White RAM in 2022

Today we’re going to look at the best white RAM in 2022. We’ve put together a list of what we think is the best RAM available to match the design of your white-themed gaming setup. The list is based on the still widespread DDR4 memory, but soon, we will tackle DDR5 as the price drops … Read more

Corsair DDR5 Vengeance RAM Review

Corsair DDR5-5200 testing

Corsair DDR5 Corsair is among the first manufacturers to meet the new Alder Lake platform with its DDR5 RAM. DDR5 is more expensive than the more widespread and mature DDR4 standard. In its offer of DDR5 modules, the famous Corsair offers cheaper Vengeance and a slightly more costly Dominator Platinum with RGB effect. The tested … Read more