Synology ds220+ Review

Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220 Plus

What is Synology DS220+? It doesn’t matter if you are a severe gamer, professional or casual computer user because you are probably thinking about the importance of your data. After all, they must always be safe and always available. I have already written about storing data on your computer, but I want to raise the … Read more

1TB NVMe SSD For Gaming


Given the increasingly affordable prices, isn’t it an ideal time to treat yourself to the best NVMe M.2 SSD with a capacity of 1TB? So, if you have decided to switch from a SATA SSD or HDD to a newer and faster storage device, the logical shift is towards the M.2 NVMe. Today, various manufacturers … Read more

Storage For Gaming PC

Best storage for your PC

If you have been wondering what’s the best storage for your gaming PC, I have to tell you that the question isn’t easy to say in a few sentences. The thing is very individual so what is enough for one user to another is small or slow. First of all, let’s differentiate with the usual … Read more