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John Romero-Doom II

If you remember the legendary John Romero, you must be a gaming veteran. For the younger ones, note that he is the co-founder of idSoftware (besides the famous John Carmack) and the author of the legendary shooting games (Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and Quake.)

Romero didn’t stay long in idSoftware. After successful projects and due to a different view of the further work of the company, Romero resigned in 1996. He founded Ion Storm and produced a Daikatana game that players didn’t receive in the right way.

It’s not uncommon for Doom / Doom2 to still play on various gaming platforms today, even three decades after its first release. Doom 2 has loyal fans who have redesigned the game in different ways, both graphically and through new and unique levels.

Doom 2 Level One Humanity

John Romero himself hasn’t subsequently created new Doom 2 levels until now. The war in Ukraine gave him the idea to design one Doom2 level called One Humanity.

If you have an original copy of Doom 2, you can get this level for a whopping € 5 (or $ 4.35). All collected funds will be in the accounts of the Red Cross of Ukraine and the UN Central Fund for Emergency Situations for humanitarian purposes.

Romero couldn’t stand by and made an effort to help the oppressed people of Ukraine in his way since Russia began its invasion on February 24.

John Romero isn’t alone because many game publishers such as CD Projekt, GOG, 11 Bit Studios, and others have promised significant donations to help Ukraine. Also, most major game publishers have stopped selling games in Russia and Belarus.

Doom 2 level One Humanity remains available for purchase on romero.com if you haven’t downloaded it yet. To remind you, you will need a valid copy of Doom 2 to run One Humanity.

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