Best Router Under 200

Best Gaming Router

Are you thinking of getting the best gaming router for under $ 200? Suppose you consider yourself a serious gamer who puts maximum effort into having a top gaming computer and peripherals. However, do you pay attention to the network you have connected to your gaming PC? Although you have a speedy network card (NIC) … Read more

The Best 10Gb Network Card

10GbE Network

Are you looking to buy the 10Gb network card, but does the rest of the network meet the requirements of that speed? 10Gb (Gigabit) Ethernet (abbreviated 10GbE) is a technology for fast wired connection that is in great demand nowadays for fast internet, gaming, and creative work. It’s very likely that your network card, switch, … Read more

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Why should you buy the best ethernet cable for gaming? Are you a severe online gamer who needs a seamless internet connection without interruption or a content creator who frequently works with large files? Then it would help if you had a fast and stable internet connection that only quality network devices and ethernet cables can … Read more

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable Featured Image

Why do you need a Cat 8 Ethernet cable? The purpose of each Ethernet cable is to connect the computer to a local network (LAN) or the internet. But as you know, when you need to buy an Ethernet cable and come to the store, you can be confused by choice of various manufacturers and … Read more