Top 6 Best Pink Gaming Chairs in 2022

Pink Gaming Chair Featured Image

Whether you are a girl or love diversity and breaking conventional understandings, a pink gaming chair can bring a lot of optimism and a positive mood to your gaming setup. Hunting for gaming chairs is never fun. There’s so much choice online today, which makes it more challenging if you are looking for a particular … Read more

Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys-Top Picks

Best Gaming Chair For Big Guy

If you belong to a group of big guys, you must admit that finding a quality and comfortable gaming chair is a great challenge. The process can overwhelm many people when hunting for a new gaming chair. There are so many choices for gamers, such as color, type, and other features that you may need … Read more

5 Best White Gaming Chairs

Xeno White Gaming Chair

A  minimalistic gaming setup wouldn’t be complete without a stylish white gaming chair. But often, finding your dream white gaming chair is hard. Most companies usually use bright and flashy colors on branded gaming chairs, so finding a plain white chair could be difficult. Or you could spend thousands of dollars on a custom gaming chair, … Read more

Elden Ring Mods

Elden Ring Featured Picture

Elden Ring mods for PC players Even after almost three months have passed, Elden Ring appears to dominate the gaming market due to the sincerity and impressive effort of the From Software in making this game the masterpiece it is. Although Elden Ring is available on consoles to enjoy, only PC players can enjoy the … Read more

Elden Ring Co-op

Elden Ring Featured Picture

Do You want to try Elden Ring Co-op? From Software’s latest edition to their long list of souls-like games, Elden Ring has stormed the gaming community. Elden Ring provides a vast map to explore, many roaming enemies, loot potential, and quests for interested players, unlike the previous iteration of souls games. Although many professional Soul … Read more

Rogue Legacy 2 Unique Chamber

Rogue Legacy Unique Chamber

You may discover  Rogue Legacy 2 Unique Chamber while exploring Citadel Agartha. Because the structure of the biome is constructed at random with each run, the biome’s position will alter each time you walk out into the world. When identified, insight will disclose facts about Estuary Lamech, including the location of a secret refuge whose entrance … Read more

Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring Fight Scene

Elden Ring Bosses Location on Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring is a wonderfully executed game, the latest addition to the series of soul-like games by From Software. Not only does it contain all the previously loved soul-like elements of the game, but it also adds to it by providing an extensive, open-world map to … Read more

Matters in Red Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2

Guide – Matters In Red Rogue Legacy 2 This installment is the first replacement for the follow-up to “Rogue Legacy,” launched in 2013. And it is out these days for PC and Xbox One. PS4 and PS5 gamers will have to wait to see if Cellar Door Games will launch the game on these platforms. … Read more

John Romero-Doom II

John Romero new Doom 2 Level

If you remember the legendary John Romero, you must be a gaming veteran. For the younger ones, note that he is the co-founder of idSoftware (besides the famous John Carmack) and the author of the legendary shooting games (Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and Quake.) Romero didn’t stay long in … Read more