Elden Ring PC Stuttering – How To Fix

In our humble opinion, Elden Ring (GOTY 2022) is the best open-world action-adventure game ever released. From the characters to the game mechanics, everything is brand new in Elden Ring. However, Elden Ring  PC stuttering is the biggest problem many gamers have, decreasing the gaming experience when playing this game. If this is the case … Read more

Elden Ring PC vs PS5

Elden Ring PC vs PS5 - PC-game-build cover

Elden Ring has been named Game of the Year 2022 (GOTY), and performance will vary significantly depending on the platform it runs on. If you are wondering what performance and number of FPS you can expect when playing Elden Ring on the PC platform vs. the new PS5 consoles, this article is for you to … Read more

Best AutoFull Gaming Chair


Due to the job’s nature, players and office workers often have to sit in one place for many hours. Sitting in one place and rarely changing positions can lead to spine diseases and spinal disc problems. Manufacturers have diligently researched how to eliminate these most common health problems and designed gaming chairs with minimal impact … Read more

5 Tips for Manager Career Mode in FIFA 23

Tips for Manager Career Mode-PC-game-build-50

Rather than Ultimate Team mode, one of the franchise’s fan favorites has always been Manager Career Mode. Being in control of a football team’s success and managing things like formations, tactics, transfer talks, press conferences, player management, and the like are exceptional. The quest isn’t simple, though; each player will approach it in their way. … Read more

Best GTRacing Gaming Chair


Gaming chairs are like mental and physical support for gamers. If you fail to choose a good chair that suits you, it will be difficult for you to give your best in your favorite games. Therefore, even if you are a great gamer with top-notch gaming hardware and a lousy chair, you will take longer … Read more

Best S Racer Gaming Chair

Best S Racer Gaming Chair-

Want to buy the best quality s racer gaming chair? Do you have a problem choosing a chair among the many brands on the market? Best S Racer Gaming chairs have become an indispensable part of gaming equipment if you want quality gaming with an emphasis on comfort and preserving your health after long gaming … Read more

Best Gaming Massage Chair


If you are a real gamer, besides building your ultimate gaming computer and Best Gaming Massage Chair, you must pay special attention to the comfort of your long gaming sessions. In this sense, a good gaming chair must be your faithful companion in achieving top results. Many brands of gaming massage chairs strive to meet … Read more