Best PC Case Under 100

Best Case under 100

If you choose the best PC case under $ 100, you don’t have to make significant compromises in building quality, design, and features compared to more expensive PC cases. A cheaper PC case doesn’t mean it looks cheap because this price category is the most sought-after. Manufacturers are simply competing to give a more attractive … Read more

Gaming PC NZXT H510 Elite

NZXT H510 Elite Gaming PC

I suggest one great configuration for a gaming PC based on the attractive NZXT H510 Elite case. In addition to the PC case, I chose the NZXT motherboard, power supply, and water cooling, so you almost have a prebuilt NZXT PC. Why NZXT? The manufacturer has a long-standing good reputation thanks to quality PC components … Read more

NZXT H1 Mini PC Review

NZXT H1 Gaming PC Black

Do you want to assemble a powerful mini gaming PC based on the NZXT H1 mini ITX case? NZXT H1 case is a product of the imagination of designers and engineers who want to offer something new compared to conventional solutions. It’s a beautiful vertical mini case, just a little longer than the severe and … Read more