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5 Best White Gaming Chairs

A  minimalistic gaming setup wouldn’t be complete without a stylish white gaming chair. But often, finding your dream white gaming chair is hard.

Most companies usually use bright and flashy colors on branded gaming chairs, so finding a plain white chair could be difficult. Or you could spend thousands of dollars on a custom gaming chair, but who has that money to spend in today’s uncertain times.

So if you are looking for a gaming chair, we have 5 of the best white gaming chairs found online. Each comprises features for an added head, neck, and back support. But with a clean, stylish, and white design. Allowing you to sit back, relax and play games in comfort.

5 Best White Gaming Chair;





Best overall

Xeno White

Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                  28 x 28 x 47.25 inches

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                    200 pounds

  • Item Weight:                              33 pounds

  • Material :                                Foam

  • Color :                                   White With Black Accents

Runner Up


AK-SX-WT Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                19.75 x 27 x 51 inches

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                   330 pounds

  • Item Weight:                              57 pounds

  • Material :                                 Faux Leather

  • Color :                                   White With Black Accents


Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                15.7 x 19.7 x 50.4 inches

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                   350 pounds

  • Item Weight:                              57 pounds

  • Material :                                 Leather

  • Color :                                     Gray With Black Accents


OFM White Gaming Chair

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                   275 pounds

  • Item Weight:                              16 pounds

  • Material :                                 Bonded Leather

  • Color :                                     White With Black Accents

Value Runner Up

PC Gaming Chair Racing Style

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                17.7 x 26.4 x 53.5 inches

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation :                   250 pounds

  • Item Weight:                              43.4 pounds

  • Material :                                 Faux Leather

  • Color :                                     White With Black Accents

 1. Xeno White Gaming Chair


OSP Home Furnishings Xeno Ergonomic Adjustable Gaming Chair, White with Black Accents




  • Superior comfort

  • Adjustable seating position

  • Expensive compared to the rest

This white gaming chair is our number one! The chair’s stylistic look and clean design speak class to anyone who sees a white gaming chair. But it also offers lots of advanced features when it comes to having a comfortable gaming experience.

The padded armrest, superior seating, integrated lumbar support, and headrest help keep you gaming comfortably for hours.

The key features of this chair have to be:

  • Color: Pure white with black stripping
  • Adjustable height
  • Armrests
  • Head support
  • Ergonomic for maximum comfort

The quality of this chair is also outstanding, packed full of features. The preformatted air flow material is designed to keep you cool and offers water and tear damage resistance, making this chair last for many gaming sessions.

Super comfortable with padded armrests and thick foam seat and backrest. This seat is also fully ergonomic. You can optimize your seating position for your best gaming experience and hours of uninterrupted gameplay in comfort.

2. AKRacing AK-SX-WT Gaming Chair

AKRacing AK-SX-WT Gaming Chair, White




  • Superior comfort

  • Adjustable seating position

  • Extended neck and back support

  • Expensive compared to the rest

The higher-end white gaming chair from AKRacing offers excellent support and features for the price. It is slightly more expensive than budget-friendly chairs, but this chair provides some features they cannot.

This chair looks the part with minimalist racing aesthetics and improved durability with a solid metal frame with an anti-corrosive coating. The large seat cushion is covered in cold-cured high-density foam padding for increased comfort when gaming sessions last hours.

The key features of this chair have are:

  • Top-quality PU leather on front and back
  • Enhanced steel frame
  • Tear, water, and fade resistant material
  • Ergonomics for extra support
  • Five years backed by manufacturer warranty
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows
  • 3D adjustable armrests

The chair has an enhanced steel frame for extra durability. It offers a robust gaming chair if you move about while gaming, and it protects the chair from harm.

The outer carbon fabric of the chair is created to last with extra care being put into the chair’s life. This carbon fabric will help prevent damage to the chair from water damage such as spilled drinks or water, and also, the woven carbon fibers offer excellent protection from tearing and ripping the chair.

The AKRacing AK-SX-WT Gaming chair is built to last and keep you sitting gaming comfortably for years. With comfort in mind, the chair boasts an incredible comfort experience for all types of people.

The seat is made from 100% cold cured foam which offers extra support from the foam padding and provides outstanding comfort and lasting performance. The foam seating will keep your posture straight and correct as you game, along with the optimized heat and arm supports.

The 3D adjustable armrests can move in 3 directions, up and down, back and forth, and rotate to the side. It will provide additional comfort along with ergonomic position settings. These ergonomic settings will help you decide how you want your chair to be positioned.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows allow for extraordinary comfort and support. This white gaming chair helps to achieve your best gaming experience.

3. AutoFull Gaming Chair

AutoFull Gaming Chair



  • Budget-Friendly

  • Good comfort

  • Adjustable seating position

  • Not pure white

This gaming chair from AutoFull is another one of our favorites. This white gaming chair uses high-quality materials with a super-strong core metal frame. And boosts some great features regarding comfort with your gaming sessions.

This awesome budget-friendly chair is designed for comfort. With excellent support when playing gaming, with additional lumbar, arm, back, and head support. And all adjustable depending on your sitting position.

The key features of this chair have to be:

  • Multi-functional 360° swivel
  • 3D modeling lumbar pillow
  • Created high-quality carbon fiber and eco-friendly half PU leather
  • Adjustable 2D armrests
  • 3″ comfortable seat cushion
  • 90° – 170° reclining and 25° rocking functionality

The chair itself looks impressive. This chair is super sturdy, primarily white with a few black stripes, complete with a solid steel frame, and covered in high-quality carbon fabric. And able to withstand the roughest gamer out there if you move around a lot while playing games.

The seating position can be changed depending on your size or sitting posture and boasts a generous 4.3″ seating cushion. The 2D armrests offer extra support, a removable head pillow, and an ergonomic lumbar pillow for longer gaming sessions.

The 90° – 170° reclining and 25° rocking functionality are there for those moments you want to relax and rest from games.

4. OFM White Gaming Chair

OFM ESS Collection GAMING CHAIR WHITE, Racing Style



  • Very good comfort

  • Movable armrests

  • Adjustable seating position

  • Budget-friendly

  • Not much quality compared to the rest

This budget-friendly gaming chair is excellent for the price as you get a lot of quality with the chair for not much cash. But for the price, the chair comes packed full of features and boosts quality that enables you to have a great gaming experience for less than the more expensive chairs but still offers excellent comfort and support while you play.

The chair has full leather upholstery, strengthened Softhread leather, and contrasting colored mesh for an aggressive style and look.

The main features that this chair has are:

  • Bonded Leather
  • Ergonomic and Completely adjustable
  • Segmented Cushions
  • Recline Function
  • Built-in headrest
  • Built-in armrests

Compared to other chairs, the OFM ESS Collection White Gaming Chair will help improve the style you play your games. The stylish look will add a significant addition to any minimalist gaming setup.

Not only does the chair look great, but it boosts strength and durability for long life. Complete with a super-strong metal frame coated in an anti-corrosive material and smooth, flexible bonded leather fabric cover, this chair will last for years of rough gameplay (If you are the heavy-handed type.)

And also comes complete with ergonomic settings for improved seat positioning, including adjustable headrest, armrest, and back support for those extra long gaming sessions. Plus, you can fully recline when you rest from gaming. Just pull the easy-to-reach nob and lay back.

5. PC Gaming Chair Racing Style

PC Gaming Chair Racing



  • Very good comfort

  • Reclining settings

  • Adjustable seating position

  • Budget-friendly

  • Not much quality compared to the rest

The brand new PC gaming chair comes fully equipped for along gaming experience. It has many features for low, budget-friendly prices, offers quality, and guarantees long-life use. Thus, you will enjoy many hours of comfortable gameplay.

The primary feature is that this budget chair looks the part. Simple but stylish, this chair has many features that others don’t, such as an additional footrest included with the reclining settings. Plus, this chair is oriented for ergonomic use. They provide hours of comfortable gameplay, as this seat you can configure as you like it

The main features that this chair has are:

  • Massage settings
  • Headrest and lumbar support
  • 90° – 135° Recline settings
  • 360° swivel
  • PU leather water and oil fabric
  • Ergonomic adjustable headrest/backrest/lumbar support and footrest, armrest.

The PC Gaming Chair Racing Style is one of the better gaming chairs with fantastic comfort guaranteed for your gameplay sessions. This chair boasts a high quality and robust design with top of a range of steel frames and resistance material fabric.

Thanks to its quality build, this white gaming chair is super strong when drinking spills, accidentally tearing the fabric, or spilling other liquid. Easily fixable with a wipe. The soft material is also extra comfortable and lined with soft PU leather and covers an extra thick foam cushion to help with lumbar and back support.

A PC gaming chair is comfortable and lasts for many gaming sessions. The one feature that tops off this chair is the unique ergonomically features, which will help with your posture during long gaming sessions and also help to improve how you feel when gaming.

The white gaming chair comes with 360° swivel motion and 90° – 135° recline positions for those relaxing times between games. Also, an extractable footrest for extra relaxation is a unique feature many other gaming chairs don’t have.

If that isn’t relaxing enough, this chair boosts message capabilities with an incorporated vibrator and remote control for fatigue or if you want to relax even more.


We talked a lot about different white gaming chairs in this article, pinpointing various features the chairs offer and how they can improve your gaming experience by making your life easier and more comfortable. A good gaming chair should have a good selection of settings for different users so that long gaming sessions are not an effort.

The most significant point for most gamers’ PC setups is the look. What’s the point of having a PC without bright neon lights or a slick-looking gaming rig. But when choosing a gaming chair, find the right chair for your setup, especially if you have or are looking for a more modern and minimalistic-looking system.

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